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In order to craft a personalized strategy, we offer a free in-person consultation with an experienced and understanding attorney.  This face-to-face meeting  is essential to providing you with the best plan possible, and it allows you to get to know your attorney. Bankruptcy, tax resolution, and estate planning require a huge amount of communication between you and your lawyer, so it’s of the utmost importance that you are working with someone whom you trust and get along with well.

Personalized Service

The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray sets itself apart from most other law firms by giving you the personalized service that you deserve when you retain the services of an attorney.

Our clients’ cases are overseen by one attorney from beginning to end. This means your attorney is easy to get in touch with, available to answer your questions, and familiar with your circumstances and the status of your file. By working with a limited number of clients on a focused and interrelated range of matters, The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray can provide the personalized service and attention to detail that are essential to a successful outcome.

At The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray we understand that no two families have exactly the same circumstances, so when you contact our office you can expect to be given personalized guidance based on the specifics of YOUR situation. We help people find relief from the pressures of debt and peace in knowing that you have a plan for the future by closely working with you to find the best strategy to achieve your goals.

Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution in Denver

While tax debt can be intimidating, an experienced tax resolution attorney from The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray has many different tools to keep the IRS at bay including Installment Agreements, Currently Not Collectible Status, Offers in Compromise, Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plans, and sometimes even the discharge of tax debt with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Tax Resolution Options In Denver

Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

As a result of the recent economic downturn, millions of honest, hardworking families have found themselves in a position where they are no longer able to manage their debt. Unfortunately, many people are worried and confused by misinformation about debt relief, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. They may feel intimidated by threats from debt collectors. By not taking action they needlessly continue to suffer the stress and financial hardship of excessive debt and put the things they value most at risk.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Clark Dray will walk you through all of your options for dealing with your debt including debt settlement, debt repayment plans, debt litigation, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy to find the best fit for you so that you can put your debt behind you and enjoy a fresh start.

Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Legal Services

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Simply put, Estate Planning is the process which provides answers to two important questions: Who gets what? (Disposition of Assets) and Who makes decisions for me when I’m not able to do so? (Planning for Incapacity). Denver Estate Planning attorney Clark Dray work closely with you to craft a comprehensive Estate Plan which provides for your loved ones, minimizes taxes, and ensure that your wishes are carried out in the event that you can’t see to them yourself.

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Heupel Law Closed, Website Down

High-volume Denver bankruptcy law firm Heupel Law has closed it doors. As of 7 March 2016,the website for Heupel Law,, was offline. Before going offline, the website bore the following message:  Heupel Law currently ceased operations as of February 28, 2016. At this time, it is unclear if and when the firm may reopen. Calling [...]

Amazing! We met with Clark feeling completely embarrassed and overwhelmed by our finances. Clark reassured us, and never made us feel bad about our circumstances. In the end we decided that bankruptcy was not the way to go. Clark never made us feel as though we had to do anything, and even offered up advice on how to proceed without completing a bankruptcy. We cannot thank him enough for his insight and professionalism. -Tonya

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We guarantee that you won’t be subjected to any sales pitches or pressure, just a relaxed meeting to talk about your options with an attorney who truly wants to see you get the fresh start you’re entitled to.