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With Gratitude and Appreciation
For anyone who’s faced the reality that a bankruptcy may be their fate, you know it’s not an easy conclusion or decision to come to. There are many questions along with the gamut of emotions. Do you try to go at it solo or find an attorney you can trust?

Facing those realities myself, after my initial meeting with Clark, I realized he was the person I wanted to represent me. Never feeling pressured, he clearly explained my options, what to expect and what my responsibility would be to best facilitate the process. Thoroughly answering any questions or concerns I had, he continuously brought me peace of mind – something I had not had in a very long time. His knowledge, professionalism and level of communication from beginning to end were exemplary and I am so very grateful!

If you are contemplating a personal BK, I would recommend Clark in a heart-beat!!

Written by: Barbara
Date published: 09/16/2014

We met with Clark feeling completely embarrassed and overwhelmed by our finances. Clark reassured us, and never made us feel bad about our circumstances. In the end we decided that bankruptcy was not the way to go. Clark never made us feel as though we had to do anything, and even offered up advice on how to proceed without completing a bankruptcy. We cannot thank him enough for his insight and professionalism.

So appreciative and happy with his services.
“I appreciate Mr. Dray and everything he has done from our first meeting to make this process less intimidating, efficient, and timely. I trust his judgment as he has communicated with me every step of the way, helped me understand all of my options, process, etc. He is personable and non-judgmental. I would highly recommend him for any needs, and I am so appreciative and happy with his services.”

Great Job!
“The decision to file bankruptcy was difficult however Clark help us by giving us all the information we needed to move forward. Clark returned calls quickly and was never to busy to for us. We were nervous about the 341 meeting, however it went very smoothly. I highly recommend Clark, he did excellent work.”

Deed of the Heart
“I would recommend Mr. Dray to anyone I know. He helped me put together all the information I needed to resolve my situation and answered any question I asked; without the slightest hesitation. I commend him for having the kindest of hearts.”

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Above and Beyond
I feel compelled to write a review for Mr. Clark Daniel Dray because of how he went above and beyond with his professionalism and service. Like many folks, trying to make that first phone call to ask for help was nothing less than humiliating and painful. I felt confused and scared. I made the first call to Mr. Dray about 6:00 pm at night and he answered the phone immediately. His kindness was evident and he immediately made an appointment for us to meet him within 3 days. When we met with him, he offered a free first consult visit that lasted about an hour. During that time, he actively listened to our situation and then freely shared all options open to us and answered any and all questions effectively. During the time from the first consult and then throughout the several months it took to finally file and get the 341 court meeting set up, Mr. Dray was consistent and attentive. He treated us as if we were his only clients. He responded to phone calls within an hour of leaving a message on his cell. He responded to emails within several hours and went above and beyond with his responses. Clearly he took the time to meet our needs. We always felt like he truly cared about making a difference for his clients ….right down to the final bankruptcy pieces. We were never in the dark or felt alone. Once we made the decision to work with Clark Dray, he was our mentor and guided us through the bankruptcy process slowly and painlessly. He met with us before the 341 court meeting to review our case, answer any questions and give us moral support. The meeting went smoothly and the outcome was very positive, all thanks to Mr. Clark Dray. My husband and I highly recommend Mr. Clark Daniel Dray as a bankruptcy lawyer. Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Dray. This is someone you can trust with your difficult life issues because he cares about his clients.
Written by: Shawn J.
Date published: 01/14/2014
5 / 5 stars

“Mr. Dray was great! Very straightforward and easy to deal with. Really made a tough situation go smoothly and even seemed effortless. Very professional and knowledgeable. Was extremely reassuring knowing Mr. Dray was on my side through difficult situation.”

Amazing Customer Service
“Mr. Dray has provided amazing customer service from start to finish. The fact that he handles every case himself is reassuring beyond what I have experienced with other law offices
He should write a book on customer service. He was able to field my incoherent questions immediately and I know that I was in great hands. Also, the speed of his preparation of my case was very fast. I really appreciate his effort and dedication to a good experience.”

I would highly recommend Clark
“He offers a thorough consultation and is really nice to work with. He very much eased my mind and helped me to think rationally and clearly about my situation, allowing me to act effectively towards the best outcome. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you are having troubles. Get some advice, even if you think its too late or to big to do anything.”

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“I’ve been through this kind of procedure before [with another firm], and it was awful. [That] firm was unhelpful and cold.
My experience with Mr. Dray was top notch. He was very professional, always available when needed, and was very reasonably priced. I felt he was doing what he does because he cares and is not just there for a paycheck. I will definitely refer him down the road.”

We Strongly Recommend Using Mr. Dray
“Following the advice of Mr. Clark Dray, we successfully sold our home using the short sale vs. filing bankruptcy. During the process of this sale Mr. Dray was always prompt in responding to our phone calls and advising us on how to respond to the banks’ demands. At the conclusion of the sale, no funds were required from us and all debt was canceled. We strongly recommend using Mr. Dray for any debt issues you may encounter.”

Highly Recommend The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray
“The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray was great to work with handling my chapter 7 bankruptcy. He works at your pace and does not try to rush any of the process. What I liked most about working with Clark was that the whole process was handled one on one throughout the whole bankruptcy. I never had any problems with him getting back to me with any of my questions or concerns. Just a pleasure to work with!”

Helpful, Kind, and Knowledgeable
I interviewed 4 different attorneys to handle my Chapter 13 bankruptcy and I am so pleased that I chose Clark. He was helpful, kind and knowledgeable…He explained all my options and was always there to answer any questions I had. It was a process that could have been very stressful but Clark made it so much easier because of his attention to all the details. Bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make but I am glad I did and I am glad I had Clark handle my case… Linda
Written by: Linda B.
Date published: 06/02/2012
5 / 5 stars

Great Experience Using Clark Dray’s Expertise
“I had a very positive experience with Clark as he helped me to eliminate my debt and take a huge burden off my shoulders. Clark was extremely helpful over the phone before my initial consultation, always retuning my calls promptly. During the initial consultation Clark was very knowledgeable and non-judgmental, helping me to understand my options and alternatives, and he applied absolutely no pressure into proceeding before I was ready , which I really appreciated. Clark was very available to answer my numerous questions and give me guidance throughout the process. My case had some special circumstances and I was informed by Clark about the potential risks so that I could make an informed decision on how to proceed.
My 341 meeting went well. I felt prepared for it by Clark and had enough time to ask questions and get oriented prior to going into the meeting, which was very important because I was a little intimidated to be in court for the first time.

I was happy with the outcome of my case as it got discharged fairly soon. I felt like Clark really cared about making sure that everything went smoothly and I got the best results possible. I was very happy with my experience and would strongly recommend Clark if you want to have a very smooth and seamless experience during a very stressful time of your life.”
-M. Ross

Very Helpful Since the Minute I First Spoke to Him
“Doing this or making this decision has not been easy, but sometimes there are things in life that pop up unexpectedly and throw off our plans, goals, and thoughts which make us decide on drastic solutions to solve our situation. Considering my bad emotions toward taking the step to file on my case, I was just glad I found the attorney who helped me make these factors a lot easier on me! He was very helpful since the minute I first spoke to him on the phone trying to get all the information I needed to solve my problems. He really helped me ease those fears, and gave me a big peace to all my concerns. I’ve been treated the best as a client and he has done so much to make things easier in me. There is only one thing that I feel bad about, and that is not finding him sooner! Thank you so much!

Good to Have Experience
“I used Clark as a bankruptcy attorney because I knew I needed someone with a lot of experience. We received so much varying information from different attorneys. Clark was right on the money with what he told us. We could have been in a bad mess if we would have gone with less experience. I am glad I chose Clark Dray.”

Highest Recommendation
“Clark took our case instantly after being bogged down with another attorney. The other attorney actually dissolved his firm without finishing our case. Clark “Picked up the ball” an stopped aggressive creditors, and filed our case in a timely manner. Clark Dray has my highest recommendation and confidence.”

Thank you.
“Thanks for having Clark Dray on your Referralist. His experience was invaluable in my bankruptcy. I would recommend Mr. Dray to anyone needing his services.”

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