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Louisville, Colorado Bankruptcy LawyerWith over 10 years of estate planning experience and hundreds of successfully concluded bankruptcy cases, The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray is prepared to provide you with the expert level of care which you deserve.

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They are so helpful and honest!! He will tell you if you need bankruptcy or if an easier option is better. He helped us through the whole process if your debating about bankruptcy you should call here!
Kym Shane
19:27 25 Oct 18
Clark helped me with my bankruptcy and I was very happy with his service. He made it so I could make payments to him over time, and there was no pressure to get the fees to him sooner than I could manage - I just had to wait start the processing until all fees were paid. During the process Clark was helpful in answering all my questions in a timely manner via email, and his availability to meet to exchange paperwork was very flexible. He made the whole process pretty painless, which is nice when you're going through something not so pleasant. I would definitely recommend Clark for anyone considering a bankruptcy.
Liz Sauter
20:43 30 Jan 18
Clark Dray made my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy go much smoother than expected. It was the last thing I wanted to do but Clark made the whole process much easier and affordable. He responds quickly to phone calls and emails. I highly recommend him if your thinking about filing.
Gena Lubken
04:51 19 Feb 18
Clark Dray was my first choice for a lawyer back in January when I decided to file for bankruptcy. I read the reviews that other people gave for him and I don't regret hiring him at all. He worked with me every step of the way. He never made me feel embarassed or ashamed. I sent him numerous emails asking him questions about the paperwork that I had to fill out and he was very quick to answer, usually within a few hours. Thank you so much Mr. Dray for getting me through this! Elaine M. Stein
Elaine Stein
23:33 12 Jun 17
I am not surprised at all by the fact that this gentleman has five-star reviews from every person that has commented on his extensive knowledge and expertise it clearly shows from the discussion I had with him. He was very patient and knowledgeable and kind with me. I had a great deal of questions and several issues I've been trying to deal with. Being treated with respect and not talked down to etc is very meaningful when trying to broach things that can be a difficult to discuss. I just wanted to show a little praise and appreciation for the time he offered and certainly say I think he is well worth considering.
Charles Stickles
17:58 27 Jan 16
Clark was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy. I never felt as though he was pushing me to file for bankruptcy as opposed to other options for getting out of debt, he simply provided me information about how the bankruptcy process works. I was very confident going before the trustee with Clark because I knew that he had worked to cover all of the bases and that we had answers for any questions the trustee may have asked. Even after my debts were discharged he has still been very helpful and quick to answer any questions I have had.
Tony Pezzella
18:45 14 Dec 18
Clark was fantastic!!! He was always available to answer any questions and is extremely knowledgeable with everything. Thank you Clark, for helping us turn our lives around!!!
Kelli Wilder
20:15 28 Mar 19
I contacted Clark Dray back in july. After meeting with him and going over my Bankruptcy case i hired him. I was very pleased with the service he provided. He was honest and my case went smooth no suprises. I was a first timer with a bankruptcy the whole process was not stressful at all. I would RECOMMEND him to everyone looking for a honest attorney!
20:06 02 Jan 19
Clark and his Team are incredibly professional. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. They were kind and I would recommend the Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray to all my friends and family.
Mom Lucero
04:05 08 Nov 18
Clark is very personable and easy to work with! Thank you Clark!
Audilee Agnew
01:10 07 May 19
My husband and I found Clark through a Google search. With such strong reviews, it was an easy decision for us to arrange a meeting with him. We knew absolutely nothing about bankruptcy. We were nervous, intimidated and concerned about our options knowing we had made decisions in our lives that got us to this point. From the first meeting Clark was extremely knowledgeable, no nonsense, prepared, professional and timely. He talked in terms we could understand, explained all our possible options, and answered all of our questions with confidence. We hired him that day and immediately began working on our case. He has continuously answered my questions through email and phone promptly. Although we haven't finished our 341 meeting, I am fully confident Clark has prepared us well. Meet with him. You won't chose anyone else.
Sarah Hall - DOC
14:55 09 Jul 19
SO happy I found them. After days of trying to get a few questions answered over the phone, I finally contacted The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray. I immediately was able to talk to someone who effortlessly answered all my questions. EVERY other lawyer I contacted wanted an initial consultation in person, several wanted to charge a normal hourly rate. THANK YOU so much for the information, you made my decision making much easier. I found them by reading there very informative articles on their website. So helpful!!!
19:58 11 Jul 19
Clark and his team made the process of getting a fresh start rebuilding my credit very simple. They worked hard and were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for financial relief. Thanks Clark!
Nicholas Gilbertson
23:07 19 Jul 19
After months of looking for the right attorney, I’m glad to have found this firm. I must say Clark and his team are awesome!!! There was no pressure or anything. Clark answered all my questions and concerns. Without them, none of this would have happen. It’s been a financial relief. Thanks Clark and your team. You guys are the best!!! I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs their expertise.
03:56 04 Oct 19
Lets start with I was sooo scared and nervous of the possibility of filing bankruptcy it was the last thing we ever wanted to do. However this year it became apparent that we needed to do something to be able to stay afloat financially. I searched for Bankruptcy Lawyers in my area and read the different reviews and my husband and I are so happy we choose to go with Clark. The moment we sat down for our initial meeting and went over the different options out there we felt more at ease. Every question we had was answered, I sent multiple emails through out the process asking questions and Clark and Hannah were very good at getting back to us with the answers we needed. When it came to the 341 meeting we arrived early full of nerves and we met with Clark and went over our case and he prepped us ahead of time with what questions could be asked. We were able to watch other cases before ours and this helped us to feel more comfortable. We left feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders. It was such a smooth and professional and friendly experience. If you are considering bankruptcy or want to know your options you can't go wrong with Clark and his team. In the end you will know you made the right decision!
Joel&Lanea Perez
23:24 30 Oct 19
Clark and his office helped to make this whole process less stressful. I had to reach out a couple times because I was nervous about a letter or a court summons and they were reassuring and helpful every time I called. They worked with me on paying my fees as well. Highly highly recommend!
Ashleigh Bedingfield
22:08 21 Nov 19
I received some very good and real advice for my situation. I appreciate the time and explanations given. Thank you.
Jared Frazier
17:36 26 Dec 19
I had to file Bankruptcy due to medical bills and was very overwhelmed with the process. The Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray was amazing from start to finish - communication was always clear - I was always aware of what the next steps were, what documents I needed to provide, and his staff was ALWAYS responsive and willing to answer any questions that came up. I also never once felt judged by Mr. Dray or his staff which is a huge deal to me. If you need a Bankruptcy Attorney please use this office! They treat each case like they would treat their own! 🙂
Natalie Engle
04:44 11 Jun 20
A wonderful experience with a truly great team. They handled everything and did a great job of using their expertise to make me feel more comfortable with the process during an unpleasant time.
B Huddy
17:03 03 Aug 20
I called with a probate question as a complete layman. From the gal at the front desk to the lawyer who got on the phone with me and was kind and thorough in a quick 5 min consult, these guys are consummate professionals and it shows. Kindness and professionalism like this are rare these days.
Benjamin Brink
14:34 05 Aug 20
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Louisville, Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyer

The biggest mistake most people make in dealing with their debt is waiting too long to talk to someone about it. There are plenty of reasons for this:

  • It’s too early. It’s never too early. You don’t need to have missed a single payment before you seek help.
  • It’s too late. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been sued and they’re already garnishing your wages. Bankruptcy can stop that.
  • Lawyers are mean/scary. Partially true. Some lawyers are monsters. I’m not. Check out my reviews.
  • I’m embarrassed. First, I’ve been doing this for a while so I’ve seen plenty of weird situations. You’re not going to shock me. Second, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Bankruptcy exists to solve problems regardless of whether they arose due to your mistake or circumstances beyond your control.
  • I can’t afford a lawyer. The initial consultation is free. You can make your payments in installments as we prep your case. You’ll generally stop paying creditors as soon as you’ve decided to file, and that’s a good way to get your fees paid.
  • Maybe Great Aunt Ester will die and leave me all of her money and I can just pay off what I owe. I met with Great Aunt Ester last week and I have bad news for you. She wrote you out of the will because she didn’t want all that money going to your creditors. Tough break.
  • I don’t want to lose my house or car. You don’t automatically give up all of your stuff when you file bankruptcy, or no one would want to file. We’ll talk about how to keep your things safe, including your house and your car.
  • I don’t want to wreck my credit forever. Bankruptcy is often the quickest way to rebuild your credit because it wipes out your debts quickly and efficiently. Your credit will recover about 100 points in the first year after a bankruptcy, and you can buy a home in as soon as two years.
  • Maybe I’ll be able to dodge them. Maybe, but even if they don’t track you down and garnish your wages or clean out your bank account, why suffer with a bad credit score for years and years?
  • I don’t want to be pressured into doing anything. The initial consult is low key. No hard sell, no guilt trip, just an opportunity to talk to an experienced and unbiased bankruptcy attorney in a relaxed environment.

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Louisville Estate Planning Attorney

Clark began his legal career in the Planned Giving Department of the Ohio State University, working to make sure that charitable gifts to the school were successfully completed. He saw firsthand how bad drafting, poor planning, and excessive complexity in estate planning documents stood in the way of accomplishing the goals of the person making the gift.

This experience has had direct impact in the way that Clark approaches estate planning. He plans and drafts with a clear focus on making sure that your intent is carried out in the most efficient way possible, minimizing the burden on the person entrusted with carrying out your wishes. This may be accomplished by using a more appropriate tool for the job (why create a trust if a will works?), by taking advantage of the latest changes in the law (beneficiary deeds are an interesting new tool for conveying real estate), or by helping you avoid common mistakes (such as P.O.D. accounts and quitclaim deeds).

The initial consultation for the preparation of a new estate plan is free. We’ll talk about your goals and brainstorm strategies for accomplishing them. We’ll talk about the different tools available to you such as wills, trusts, the financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, advance directive, etc. so that you can make an informed decision about what feels lie the best fit. We’ll give you an estimate of fees once we’ve come up with a plan and give you a chance to think it over. Once your questions have been answered we’ll get to work drafting a suite of documents which make your wishes clear and provide for your loved ones as you see fit.

Call (303) 953-4007 to schedule your Estate Planning Consultation

Louisville Tax Resolution Lawyer

If you owe back taxes, there are a number of tools to resolve the problem including penalty abatement, Currently Not Collectible status, Offers in Compromise, and Installment Agreements. Louisville Tax Resolution attorney Clark  Dray will combine the IRS’ tax debt resolution programs with your options for relief under the Bankruptcy Code to negotiate the best possible resolution for your tax debt problem. Don’t put it off any longer because fees and interest grow quickly, Call the Law Office of Clark Daniel Dray now to schedule your free consultation.

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